Sunday, October 30, 2016


Walked the slanting shadowed beach 
Chatting with a friend, then
Home to sunset. 

Geese squabble over head,
Wings whirring, silhouettes against
Rose darkening skies

I listen to the splash of river landings,
The cacophony of meetings, seated
On your bench. 

This has been a difficult week
And our dogs are getting old, 
I remind myself

The day is coming closer
I know, for hard decisions, meanwhile 
Sky is amazing. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


A simple answer I sought:
how unrequited must love be,
to be considered caught
in such hurt it drags the psyche 
undeservedly distraught?

Is it when with each moment I yearn,
pathetically through the day,
a gnawing, niggling burn,
pain of parting in everyway,
a wounded heart I should spurn?

Or, past the pathetic, culpable bliss
of wallowing in the reprimand, 
would it count that what I miss
Is more the moment than the man
More the idea, than the kiss?