Tuesday, October 13, 2015

10/13 Tues

Asked what do I want.
An answer overwhelms, as
For so long,

It was you and our life, however gone both are. 
These past years, an assemblage of the fallout
Into only myself.

Gone is the decades of love, comfort together,
Now it is  just me, alone, how aware of that. But body 
And soul remember.

So what do I want. Will love you always, could
Welcome another with love always, would he
Love me always.

If not, than thankful for the good will shared,
Wish that other well, and guard the
Serenity I have.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

10/10 Sat

Are we just one thing or another? This or that?
Perhaps at our most simplistic we are a mix,
Body, brain, soul.

And if bliss is a perfect blend of all, perhaps, 
Then, whenever one is ignored, we chance
Flirting with folly.

But, even when the odds are too minute,
Pursuing despite the stakes, may yet be
Worth the gamble 

And if the wager falls contrary, may the merit 
Of trying temper the pain in revealing the
Fool I am.

10/9 Fri

I like driving, the awareness of the task at hand,
Things close by, the world surrounding and 
The thoughts accompanying.

I like being driven, to just rest, watch all, 
Converse or not. Now is a lot of one, too long
Since the other.

Monday, October 5, 2015


I drive into the remnants of a hurricane 
Blown away, drive through sanded winds
And deep water.

The surf lays hard over the beach strand, 
Gales push against me, I lean into it. 
Only too well

I know standing alone. Sometimes a body,
And soul, appreciates being held up, even 
For a moment.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

10/4, Sunday

Rejection, however kindly wrapped is still a dismissal 
Rebuff, refusal, a go away. Beyond soft touches and words 
Remains only, no.

I do not know, does the heart feel larger only for the hurt
Or is that only the implosion before it curls smaller yet. 
I don’t know.

Twenty eight years ago, still I wear your gold band,
For five and some I’ve walked heart alone,  my way now.
I only know

That love is a treasure. I wish for it, miss for it, 
yearn for it. Will it ever grace my life again,
It’s likely, no.