Tuesday, September 13, 2016


So this morning I asks the powers that be 
For a little equilibrium. The 8 ball says: 
'Try again later'. 


Then, dogs, barking furiously, excitedly as only 
When someone is actually at the door. 
After all everyone 

Comes expressly to see them. Two men, dress shirts, ties. 
I slide by dogs, out door. what can I
Do for you?

You do live way out!
Yes. what can I
Do for you. 

You know, everyone at times in their lives
Need comfort. Where do you look? 
We know of....

Get to the point. I'm busy. 

....Ah, um, oh!
Pulls a watchtower out of a folder.
Nope, not today. 


Ask a different question: 
Are the gods amused?
Without a doubt.